USAF Use Of Herbicides In Thailand



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This website is an information source for veterans to download pertinent information about herbicide use in Thailand during the Vietnam War.  


Anyone who has information they believe useful to others may send it to my email address listed below and I will review it for value, authenticity, and source.  I do not promise to post every document submitted for review.  If the document cannot be authenticated or sourced it will not be posted.


Some of the documents posted here are official documents received from various sources.  The documents contained in the section “Air Force Historical isatorical Reg=ReseaResearch Agency” are official Air Force unit history files from the U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Air Field, Thailand.  The files are the Air Force Base Commander’s unit history files. The files are in Adobe pdf format and were developed from scanned documents therefore the search or Find capability is unable to be used to locate specific words.  In addition, there are many faint or illegible pages since the scanned documents were old, most likely typed on a manual typewriter and with paper that has deteriorated over the last 4 ˝ decades. Every page must be viewed in order to locate information.


I am developing reports on each AFHRA document to provide others with information they can use in submitting a VA Claim for healthcare/compensation.  I review every document page by page, take individual computer screen shots of pertinent information, and then insert those screen shots into a report, I follow the screen shot with a new typed, legible version of it, and then provide an “Evaluation” of it for the VA Regional Office (VARO) rating officials to better understand what military members experienced while stationed in Thailand.


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